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These are some examples that I have come across recently during a routine testing and inspections. Some of these had been tested in the past,

but clearly failed the observation/visual inspection, some not so obvious!

Interesting Fuse Replacement.

Here I found a plug with a blown 13 Amp Fuse, instead of replacing the fuse someone had decided to wrap some wire around the blown fuse.

I hate to think the reasoning behind this, but it was shown the the responsible person and I put in a new fuse and continued with the test.


4 Issues Here .

1. I had a plug with the live and neutral cable reversed.

2. Tthe earth wire had been cut off, you can just make out the green and yellow wire poking out from the cable insulation.

3. The fuse was not a BS1362 standard.

4. Also had it been wired correctly the the Blue wire which should have been the brown was too long, had the cable been pulled from the plug the live would not have been the first to dissconnect.

So we had an earthed appliance with reversed polarity no earth connection and an incorrect fuse!

Fridge not Earthed.

This Fridge i found with what looked like chewed cable.

Whatever had chewed it had gone right through the earth wire and the whole fridge was not earthed, this could have been a very serious issue had any live cables come into contact with the casing it would all become live.

I rewired the earth and the potential leathal hazzard was rectified.

Home made Extension Cable.

I found this little beauty in a workshop the original socket must have become damaged or faulty, so rather than purchasing a new one they screwed on a 2 gang socket.

A little issue with the two MASSIVE holes above and below the socket leaving the live wires easily accessable!

Not supprisingly i failed this reel!

Cable Clamp pulled from appliance .

Here we can see the cable clamp has been pulled from appliance, the cable clamp is there to insure that the cable can not be pulled from the terminals inside the appliance,

If the cable was pulled now it would be highly likely the wires would become detached from the terminals inside the apppliance possibly touching the outer casing and blowing the fuse and even blowing internal circuitry.

This was reported and the responsible person had it repaired.

Damaged Socket.

Although not part of the Portable Appliance Test should i come across a damaged socket i would make a note and report it to the responsible person.

Damaged Cable.

A simple fail, damage to the cable.

Failed and reported.

Earth Pin Sleeved.

I am increasingly coming across these IEC leads that have a layer of insulation on the earth pin.

Any Class 1 appliance requiring an earth would not have an earth connection, a very serious problem!

These leads are reported and removed.

PAT Cornwall Limited 29/10/2014