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PAT Cornwall Limited PAT Testing Procedures

The testing will be carried out under the IEE's 'Code Of Practice For In-Service Inspection And Testing'.

To include

  • The PAT Cornwall Engineer shall make himself known to the person responsible for Health and Safety at the testing site, sign in and out if required and observe site safety rules.
  • The responsible person will inform the engineer of assets and locations to be Inspected, and Tested which will be labeled accordingly during testing.
  • The plugtop will be opened to ensure that the flexible cable is secure in its anchorage and correctly wired.
  • That the fuse is a BS1362 and the correct rating for the appliance and it is free from any sign of overheating and in physically good condition.

Visual Inspection:

  • The Appliance will be inspected for any damage.
  • Is the Appliance in good working order.
  • The casing or manufactured enclosures will be inspected to ensure there is no damage such as cracks or openings that could result in access to live parts.


  • Earth Continuity Test (IT equipment).
  • Earth Bond General (Class 1 Rated appliances & Extension/IEC leads).
  • Insulation Resistance Test.
  • Operational Test (if applicable).
  • Earth Leakage Test.
  • Surge protected extension leads/appliances, tested at reduced voltage.


  • A unique identification barcoded label will be attached to the appliance with the test date. This label will be clearly marked and positioned in a discreet location.
  • You will also receive comprehensive data sheets / certification of the appliances tested showing their location and electrical testing result along with any failures highlighted in "red". The information from our site visit can also be supplied as an Excel spread sheet or PDF for easy access via your desktop pc, at no additional cost.

Site Report Form:

  • Any Issues observed during the site visit will be documented and issues to the onsite responsible person prior to leaving (see labeling of failed assets and Site Report Form).

Disruption During Testing:

  • All electrical equipment to be tested has to be disconnected from the mains supply. We realise the inconvenience that this can cause, especially in a busy office environment, therefore we will work with you to limit down time during testing.
PAT Cornwall Limited 29/10/2014